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In March of this year (2021) my father passed away suddenly. During this heart wrenching time we were left with many questions as to how we handle his affairs. My brother, being the now head of the family, decided to go with an auctioneer/real estate person that he was introduced to by a friend and co-worker. We had no idea what a nightmare this person would turn out to be. He literally held my father's house hostage and refused to sell it outright. He insisted on selling it through the auction process. In doing so, he turned away every interested party if they refused to put a $10,000 non-refundable deposit down. Not many people would be able to do this prior to a financial institution's approval of their loan. This created strife between my brother, sister and myself. It seemed that we were locked in for the duration of the contract which would have been ending January of 2022. My sister had someone interested in purchasing my dad's house, but was again dismissed due to his reluctance to make the deposit. That's when I decided to contact Ms. Jana Klaasse. She was very instrumental in finding and procuring the real estate that we currently occupy and I was very comfortable with her abilities and demeanor. She has always, as long as I have known her, been very professional, respectful and polite and extremely knowledgeable of the inner workings of the real estate profession. Once I contacted her and told her of our struggle to rid ourselves of this deviant, she became very instrumental in giving us the information in order to set us free. Once done, she then became our agent and thankfully so. She walked us through every step of the way with skill and professionalism. My dad's house was sold within a matter of weeks to the gentleman who my sister knew. All parties were extremely happy with the turn of events and with Ms. Klaasse. She is now and will always be, as long as I breath, my agent and friend. I can't thank her enough for being there for my family during a very difficult and vulnerable time. I write this in hopes that Ms. Klaase will continue to help those who are faced with the difficult task of a family members estate sale. Compassion has her place in the heart of Ms. Jana Klaasse.


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