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Martinsburg is the county seat of Berkeley County and offers a variety of life style choices. It is a great place to live.  Head west of downtown Martinsburg, and you’re just a few miles from wilderness and the 20,000+ acre wildlife preserve in Hedgesville. Head northeast and you’re in the DC metro area.  Head southeast, and you’re about an hour from Dulles airport and Northern Virginia.  Although a short drive, homes prices in the Martinsburg area are at least half of what you see in MD – as are property taxes.  Plus, the MARC train leaves from the historic Martinsburg Caperton Train Station to the DC area everyday – leaves Martinsburg in the morning and returns in the early evening.  No wonder people are exiting those high cost areas and heading to the Martinsburg and surrounding areas.  Lower housing costs and a slower pace.  We think you’ll love it!

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Martinsburg has 4 zip codes and generally speaking – 4 types of homes.  There’s some beautiful historic homes and those are mostly located along King Street just west of downtown  zipcode 25401.  And all around King Street, you find  classic older homes which  are all interesting and unique, the streets are wide and there’s a couple of parks nearby. War Memorial Park is one of the prettiest parks in the entire area and there’s Warzburg Dog Park — a place we like to frequent with our pooch.  If you head west over I81, it quickly becomes pretty rural.  That’s zipcode 25403 and is the area between the downtown Martinsburg area and Hedgesville.  There’s some beautiful established neighborhoods in that area with homes on larger lots. There’s also a few newer subdivisions.  And surrounding the downtown area to the northeast and southeast are area codes 25405 and 25404.  Those areas are mostly suburban in feel with older as well as newer subdivisions. So you’ll find a variety of home types in Martinsburg. If living in the country is what you’re after — yes we have that!  If you love older homes — yes we have that too!  And if you’re looking for affordability — we definitely have that!

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West Virginia has one of the lowest property tax rates in the country. It ranks 49th from highest to lowest. It’s about half of what you see in MD and a quarter of New Jersey.  Lenders know this and approve buyers for a higher price point because the property taxes are so low.  So you get more home for the money here and pay lower taxes on that home.  So why not drive a little further and save money!  The actual tax rate depends on the county.  Berkeley has about a .68% and Jefferson and Morgan about a .61% (multiply that by the home value and get an estimate of what you can expect to pay and be amazed at the difference if you’re from some of those higher property tax states.  Plus homes are affordable here. The median price is around $230,000 — that’s probably half of what you find in the DC metro area.

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