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Estate Sale

In March of this year (2021) my father passed away suddenly. During this heart wrenching time we were left with many questions as to how we handle his affairs. My brother, being the now head of the family, decided to go with an auctioneer/real estate person that he was introduced to by a friend and co-worker. We had no idea what a nightmare this person would turn out to be. He literally held my father's house hostage and refused to sell it outright. He insisted on selling it through the auction process. In doing so, he turned away every interested party if they refused to put a $10,000 non-refundable deposit down. Not many people would be able to do this prior to a financial institution's approval of their loan. This created strife between my brother, sister and myself. It seemed that we were locked in for the duration of the contract which would have been ending January of 2022. My sister had someone interested in purchasing my dad's house, but was again dismissed due to his reluctance to make the deposit. That's when I decided to contact Ms. Jana Klaasse. She was very instrumental in finding and procuring the real estate that we currently occupy and I was very comfortable with her abilities and demeanor. She has always, as long as I have known her, been very professional, respectful and polite and extremely knowledgeable of the inner workings of the real estate profession. Once I contacted her and told her of our struggle to rid ourselves of this deviant, she became very instrumental in giving us the information in order to set us free. Once done, she then became our agent and thankfully so. She walked us through every step of the way with skill and professionalism. My dad's house was sold within a matter of weeks to the gentleman who my sister knew. All parties were extremely happy with the turn of events and with Ms. Klaasse. She is now and will always be, as long as I breath, my agent and friend. I can't thank her enough for being there for my family during a very difficult and vulnerable time. I write this in hopes that Ms. Klaase will continue to help those who are faced with the difficult task of a family members estate sale. Compassion has her place in the heart of Ms. Jana Klaasse.

Paul is super knowledgeable about housing - Jana is a contracting wiz

Using Snyder Bailey Mail with screen readers zillow Review Rating: 5 "Jana and Paul are absolutely incredible. Thanks to them, we bought our house in Martinsburg and we love it. We started looking for houses in October of 2020, when the housing market was already tough because of a lack of inventory and houses being sold to cash offers only. They guided us throughout the whole process, from seeing houses to negotiating our offers and going through the inspection and signing of the paperwork, and we are so grateful to them that I don’t even know where to start this review. They are just awesome! They were so incredibly patient with us - showed us a bunch of houses, showed us the whole Berkeley and Jefferson Counties (they know literally everything about it the panhandle area), and helped us make our decision. Paul is super knowledgeable about housing materials, construction, renovations, and at every place he showed us - and let me tell you, there were a bunch! - he opened our eyes to the potential each place offered. Jana is a contracting wiz and knows everything about it, helping us with creative options on our offers to make us competitive, and taking so much care with the paperwork to ensure everything was right. They showed us houses on evenings, during weekends, and bent themselves backwards to accommodate us. We lost two offers to cash buyers (our third offer was finally accepted) and they were with us along the way, not giving up on us and and keeping us motivated and giving us hope that we would find something, which we did, thanks to them. They communicated with us often, thoroughly, and easily, and made the whole process exciting and fun (they are so much fun to be around, it was great seeing houses with them). We aren’t from the area and so they also helped us with local recommendations since we didn’t know anyone here, and made sure we were settled in and taken care of from A to Z week after the signing of the contract. I seriously cannot recommend them highly enough. They are not only incredibly competent and knowledgeable realtors, they also good people with a heart of gold. Thank you, Jana and Paul; we are huge fans!!"

We recommend them highly

We could not be more pleased and impressed with Jana. With her expertise, we were able to get top dol- lar for our home. We lived in the home for 40 years and she made the selling go so smoothly. It was on the market for 10 days before it sold. We are SO glad she represented us. We have recommended her highly to all our friends. Seals

I have worked with realtors in the past that do not come close to the quality and care

I will never use another realtor team! When moving from MD to WV in 2014, I used Paul and Jana to help me buy a home. Now that I am ready to upgrade my home for my growing family, I imme- diately knew that Jana and Paul would be my realtor team again! They helped me list my home and find another home, which is not easy to do simultaneously. There was consistent communication and I always felt that they had my best interest in mind when mak- ing decisions. I have worked with realtors in the past that do not come close to the quality and care I have got from Jana and Paul. They are truly wonderful people and I feel so lucky have found them to work with! A Ryan


Jana was always responsive with showing us houses and through the entire process once we found one. Always told us the facts. She also worked through issues with our diffi- cult financial processor and working with a relocation com- pany that was selling the home we purchased. In addition she has a sweet personality which made it easy to work with her. Followed through even after the closing to make sure we were fine and brought us a perfect house warming gift. :) many kudos to Jana. A Baker

Seamless and trouble free

I bought the house I am currently living in dealing primarily with Jana Klaasse. She made the entire process seamless and trouble free. If I should decide to sell or buy again, I would certainly use the Klaasses as my realtors. .R Knowlton

Extremely nice and helpful

Jana and Paul Klaasse helped my mother sell her house and helped my husband and I sell ours. Both went smooth and answered any questions we had. They are extremely nice and helpful. Thank you both for a job well done. C Helton

Recommend them

Jana and Paul were great to work with. Very responsive and worked hard to sell our home quickly. Beautiful photography and presentation. They were on top of things and communicated with us regularly. The path to settlement was smooth and we were very satisfied with the price. I would recommend them to anyone who is thinking of selling their home. **

Great experience

We had a great experience with Jana and Paul working with us to find our dream home. Jana and Paul were so friendly and very knowledgeable guiding us through all the processes. They arranged to take us to see many homes and their expertise allowed them to adjust to our changing price ranges and preferences without missing a beat. They were always quick to respond to our ques- tions and concerns. They were patient with us waiting on a long short sale and helped get us a great deal on a house we love in the best neighborhood. We previously dealt with other realtors in the area and definitely rec- ommend Jana and Paul above all. ** Kranzley

Great people

Jana & Paul are the best realtors I have dealt with!! They find what your needs are in a house, care about you and your families interests, and are overall the best people I could recommend in buying a house. Whether this would be your first time looking to purchase a home or your 5th go around, Jana & Paul would be the team I would recommend!!! A++++ C Sturgill

Jana was my listing agent

Jana was the realtor for my Inwood WV home. She was very thorough in evaluating my house and clearly explained the bases for the sales price she rec- ommended. I staged the house using her suggestions. A professional photographer took great pictures and a complete laser measurement of the house was done. She prepared excellent online and print presentations. She managed the details associated with showings and broker feedback as well as providing expert assistance in review and responding to offers. Incidentally, I thought the floorplan schematic must have been created using specialized software. I was sur- prised to find it was something she created herself. I still think she should develop a proprietary application that she could market to other realtors. She was able to finalize an offer within three and a half weeks of the house being listed. Her marketing plan was clearly very effective. P Woodson I recommend her highly. .....P Woodson “One of the things she did was a floorplan with room measurements and photos that were used in her presentation of my house. I thought it was genius and incredibly useful for providing the information a prospective buyer would want and need. I had seen the floorplan schematic she did for another house she listed and it was one of the reasons I initially contacted her about listing my house. “

They are the BEST!

Great agent! They never left any questions unanswered and always responded promptly. For the best service any agent can provide, I definitely recommend!

Great Agent!

All we can say is WOW! I always heard back quickly on all questions. They made us feel like we were the only client. Our home sold within 12 days and we found our dream home within one week.

Amazing Experience

We never were left in the dark with anything. It was the easiest real estate experience we've ever had.

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